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Cornelian cherry Enzyme Drink

Ingredient: Cornelian Cherry, Mushroom (Phellinus Linteus) and Organic sugar


Cornelian cherry contains Cornin, loganin, tannin, saponin, organic acid and vitamin C that can help improve overall health


•    Improve women’s menstrual irregularity and period pain
•    Improve skin conditions
•    Strengthens energy
•    Good for eyes fatigue 



seaweed Enzyme Drink

Ingredient: Seaweed and organic sugar


Native from the South and East Sea of Korea, the seaweeds used contain high levels of calcium, potassium, iodine, iron, and minerals Seaweeds are also rich in active ingredients such as amino acids, laminin and alginic acid


·      Detoxification – to promote general health and well-being

·      Support digestion and ensure healthy gut (high fiber)

·      Rich in vitamins and minerals that will improve overall health    

Direction to use

Maintenance usage:

30-50ml mix with 3-5  times water once per day. Recommended to take before breakfast or before bedtime. 


Therapeutic usage:

20-30ml mix with 3-5 times water. Recommended before bedtime


Children usage (6 years old and above):

20ml mix with 3-5 times water once per day. Recommended after meal. 


Special Tips: Mix the enzyme drink with green tea to get better effect!

storage information

Keep refrigerated after open. In fact, fully fermented products are not damaged by other strains at room temperature. Once opened, the content should be consumed within 6 months.


If you are allergy to fruits or have any medical conditions, please consult physician before taking. This product is safe for pregnant and breast feeding women.