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Why Choose Us?

Since its establishment 18 years ago, Green Food Co. Ltd has been researching and manufacturing bio-functional products from natural herbs and fruits.

Most of the raw materials used are grown naturally and planted in high, deep and huge mountains surrounding Yeong Yang-Gun, South Korea.


The main goal of the company is to study the effects of wild herbs on anti-cancer and anti-aging. The wild herbs are fermented by good source of probiotics-lactic acid bacteria to produce high quality enzyme.


What is enzyme?


Enzymes are needed for daily bodily functions such as muscle movement, brain function, heartbeat, digestion, tissue repair, detoxification, and other essential bodily functions.


Fermented enzyme prevents obesity by breaking down fat and the diet is effective in diabetes, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.


Enzyme eliminates waste matter of body, neutralizes the blood vessels, improving physical constitution, strengthening the immune system, balancing physical condition.


What is enzyme vinegar?

The enzyme was fermented by means of acetic acid bacteria to make vinegar.


The produced vinegar base after acetic acid fermentation is mixed with nutrient-rich brown rice.


It is produced through both the enzyme process and the vinegar recycling process.


Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia

  • No pigments

  • No flavoring agents

  • No trans-fat

  • No cholesterol

  • Gluten free

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