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Green paradise
liquid chlorophyll

For healthy body and skin 


  • Act as alkalizer to restore body's alkalinity

  • High in antioxidants to help bind with toxins inside body

  • Improve liver detoxification 

  • Control appetite to assist in weight loss and helps with digestion 

  • Reduce body odour and freshen up body

  • Good against acne and dull skin 


  • Registered with NPRA (MAL)

  • Suitable for all age

  • Halal certifiable 

  • Easy-to-take formula 

What is liquid chlorophyll

Liquid chlorophyll is a natural supplement drink that contains chlorophyll - the green pigment in plants that is responsible to produce energy.

Chlorophyll has vitamins, antioxidants, and therapeutic properties that may benefit you.

It will act as an alkalizer to cleanse and restore the pH balance of your body.

importance of balance body ph 

The blood is highly sensitive to pH. Ideally, it should be slightly alkaline (pH 7.45)

If the acidic condition is not treated, your body is more susceptible to disease

Most of the food we eat is acidic (meat, sugar, cooked grains). Sometimes it can become too much for the body to handle 

how liquid chlorophyll can help in gout? 

High meat & sugar and low fruits & vegetable intake can cause your body to become too acidic. Accumulation of uric acid can cause gout. 

GREEN PARADISE LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL will act as alkalizer which assist in excretion of more uric acid

Alkalize body = Higher acid excretion

health benefits

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Act as alkalizer

Alkaline properties of liquid chlorophyll will help to balance the body pH to optimal state 

Lemonade Bottle

Weight loss

It will help to control appetite to help in weight loss and helps the body to have better digestion system



Liquid chlorophyll is high in antioxidant that can bind to toxins and free radicals in body

Tropical Leaf

Natural deodorant 

Liquid chlorophyll can reduce odor and refreshes the body naturally 

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Liver health

Liquid chlorophyll can assist in liver detoxification 

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Better skin

Liquid chlorophyll can helps to improve the skin complexion as it is good against acne and dull skin



Indication: Used as health supplement


Direction to use: 

Adults: Mix one tablespoon (15ml) of the liquid with a glass of water, to be taken once daily after meal

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