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organic chia seed

Highly Nutritious Nature’s Superfood


  • Excellent natural source of Fibre, Protein, Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals

  • Rich in heart loving Omega-3

  • Help weight loss – block calories absorption &enhance satiety

  • Clinically proven to lower cholesterol & blood pressure

  • Assists in regulate blood sugar level


ways to consume chia seed

how to use yeast flake?

Chia Drinks.jpg

Daily Chia Drinks

Chia seeds can be added into your daily drinks including drinking water, fruit juice, or honey & lemon. It could give you a fresh pleasant taste all day long!

Chia Pudding.jpg

Something Sweet! – Chia Pudding

Chia seeds can be added into your dessert which bring you a more healthy and low-calories comfort food. DIY Chia Pudding with only 4 simple ingredients at home!

Bake with Chia_2.jpg

Bake with Chia

Thinking what to eat for breakfast? Banana Chia Breakfast Muffin may be one of your best choice! These hearty muffins will fill you up without weighing you down.

Chia Smoothie Bowl.jpg

Healthy Chia Smoothie Bowl

A strawberry and chia seed smoothie bowl are a delicious start to your day.  Topped with fresh strawberries, chocolate chips and crunchy chia seeds, this breakfast is full of flavor!

Chia Popsicles.jpg

Chia Popsicles

Welcome popsicle season! With the right mix of ingredient popsicles can turn into a powerhouse of a snack. The chia seeds hide right along with the blueberry pieces, and you will love it!

Nutritional information 

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