Nutrient Enriched Multigrains Beverage

For all adults

Resurge can be serve as a meal replacement drink or a daily supplement that ensure you to get your daily dose of nutrients boost by delivering a complete and balanced nutrients through the proprietary blend of multi-grains, seeds, protein, dietary fibre, healthy fat, anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals.

Resurge your daily nutrients need with RESURGE

Resurge is a healthy and nutritious whole grains drinks. It contains 26 grains and 21 vitamins and minerals, allowing you to obtain complete and balance nutrients, yet keep you satisfied for hours.

Key Benefits OF resurge 

As Daily Nutrient Supplementation

  • Complete macronutrients

  • 20 whole grains & nutritional seeds

  • 21 essential vitamins & minerals

Rich In Protein

  • Helps build and repair body tissue

  • Essential for growth & development

  • Provides amino acid to increase muscle mass and strength

Improved Digestive & Strengthened Immune System

  • Fibre and prebiotic helps increase intestinal bifidobacteria

  • Helps maintain a good intestinal environment & strengthened immunity

For Strong Bones & Teeth

Seaweed calcium - natural calcium with high absorption rate that offer protection from osteoporosis

For Blood Sugar Management

Contains Chromium Picolinate - assist normalize blood sugar levels, improve blood sugar utilization

For Healthy Heart

  • Plant omega 3 & 6 for heart health

  • Soy protein helps in cholesterol lowering

  • Oat beta glucan for cholesterol lowering & blood glucose regulation

For Energy & Weight Control

  • Whole grains - Complex carbohydrate that digest slowly and therefore provides long and lasting energy 

  • Low caloric - High protein, high fibre and low fat

  • High fibre - Increase satiety & reduce food intake.

For Healthy Eyes

Contains lutein and grapeseed for eye's health



  • Busy people who are always on the go

  • People who have irregular meals

  • People suffering from nutrition imbalances and malnutrition

  • People recovering from illness

  • People on a diet plan

  • People with diabetes or high cholesterol

  • People with lactose-intolerance

Packing information

Nutrition fact

1 can
800 g

serving instructions


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