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Resurge Junior

Resurge Junior is formulated as a complete and balanced source of nutrition with 28 vitamins & minerals for growth and development in children from 1-10 years of age. It is specially formulated for children who might not have optimal growth due to fussy eating habits or small appetites, and those who may have tummy troubles.


Give your child 2 to 3 glasses of Resurge Junior every day to optimize their potential,  it is 100% Netherlands whole goat A2 milk with:

  • DHA & ARA to supports brain development.

  • Lutein keeps eyes healthy.

  • Yeast Beta Glucan to boost immunity.

  • Triple Blend Prebiotic & MCT fats for digestive & absorption

  • Calcium & Vitamin D for strong bones

  • No sugar/ fructose added, but TASTE GREAT

Why choose Resurge Junior 

To Grow Taller & Stronger

- Completed and balanced source of nutrition with 28 vitamins & minerals

- Contains easy-to-digest goat milk protein and milk fat as compared to cow's milk promoting stronger body growth. 

To Have Better Vision

- Lutein

To Learn Fast & Think Fast

- DHA & ARA help support healthy brain and visual development, memory, attention and information processing in children

To Have Better Nutrint Absorption & Healthy Bowel Movement

- Triple-blinds prebiotics

To Stay Healthy All The Time

- Yeast Beta-Glucan helps improve immune system

- Clinically proven ingredient to reduce upper respiratory problem in children at 100mg/day

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