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At GREEN PARADISE, we believe that nourishment should come from the purest sources of nature. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest creations: GREEN PARADISE OATY & PURSOY Milk. These plant-based beverages offer a heavenly combination of taste, nutrition, and wellness benefits that redefine your daily milk choice.

GREEN PARADISE OATY - Plant Base Oatmilk

Experience the wholesome goodness of Oat Milk like never before. GREEN PARADISE OATY is crafted with just three simple ingredients, making it a pure and natural choice. But it doesn't stop there – it boasts the HIGHEST prebiotic content, nurturing your gut health with every sip. Plus, we take your health seriously – that's why there's ZERO added sugar. It's the ideal blend of nutrition and purity.


Our Organic Soy Milk is the epitome of nature's vitality. With only three simple ingredients, GREEN PARADISE PURSOY offers a genuinely wholesome soy milk experience. What sets it apart? It's got the HIGHEST prebiotic content, promoting a healthy gut environment. And just like our Oat Milk counterpart, there's absolutely ZERO added sugar. It's pure soy goodness, nothing more.

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