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La'Miux Skin Therapist

La' Miux Skin Therapist is specifically formulated to care for dry, sensitive skin. With the combination of science and natural plants, La' Miux Skin Therapist wants to give you a healthy, vibrant skin.

Clean & Wash

Clean while leaving moisture in your skin

  1. Skin Therapist Gentle Body Bath

  2. Skin Therapist Cleansing Soap

  3. LamiuxSkin Therapist Premium Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel 265 ml

  4. LamiuxFreshening Intimate Wash 100 ml

  1. Skin Therapist Hydrating Moisturizing Lotion

  2. Skin Therapist Advance Crème

  3. Skin Therapist Hyalu-mide Serum

  4. LamiuxSkin Therapist Sunscreen SPF 40 50 ml

  5. LamiuxSkin Therapist Rejuvenating Night Cream 50 ml


Hydrating and moisturizing your sensitive dry skin

Acne-prone Skincare

Treatments for your acne skin concern

  1. Skin Therapist Deep Cleanser

  2. Skin Therapist Balancing Creme

  3. LamiuxSkin Therapist Anti Acne Mist 60 ml

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