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Kids Defensa Junior

Empowering Young Immune Warriors with Kids Defensa Junior. It is a specially formulated supplement designed to boost and support your child's immune system. With a blend of carefully selected ingredients, this product is crafted to not only enhance the overall well-being of your child but also to reduce the symptoms and duration of common colds.

Each Serving (5ml) : (150ml per bottle) 

• 125mg Epicor® yeast fermentate

• 100mg Elderberry extract 14% anthocyanidins

• 500IU Vitamin D3 (VegD3®)

• 100mg Vitamin C​

Direction of Use

  • Shake well before drink. Consume 5ml directly or mix with 30ml of water.

  • Suggest consuming 1 to 2 servings per day.

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