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Daily Care Shampoo For Hair Visibly Lacking Density 

Hair Refined Amino Acid Shampoo 250ml  (123554).png

Hair Refined Amino Acid Shampoo

The Formulation

Test Tubes


Amino acids are fundamental to the human body and responsible to construct proteins.


When they are chemically united with fatty alcohol or fatty acid, they have cleansing properties and maintain their mild amphoteric character.


Amino acid are known to moisturize by enhancing the skin's water retention.

Hair Salon


KeraProtein is a protein hydrolyzed derived from Carob tree and rich in amino acids which is essential for repairing damage hair.


It repairs from inside out and rebuilding hair structure to provide smooth and soft hair.

How To Use

Hair Refined Amino Acid Shampoo 250ml  (123554).png

Hair RefinedAmino Acid Shampoo

Apply to wet hair and massage onto scalp gently. Use daily to maintain healthy scalp and shining hair 

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