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La' Miux Skin Therapist

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Freshening Intimate wash

With prebiotics for better comfort

Why we need to use intimate wash?

  • Ensure that your sensitive skin is cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.  the chances of infections, allergies and rashes are reduced in your intimate area.

  • Soap usually contain strong cleaning chemicals and fragrances that can causes allergies or rashes in intimate area.


Lamiux Freshening Intimate Wash is a particularly gentle wash in gel type for cleansing the external intimate area. It helps reduce skin irritations, unwanted odor and prevent infections. It is very well tolerated and is suitable for daily use – even for someone with dry skin.

  • Suitable for male and female

  • Suitable use for teenagers (13 years old above) and adults.

  • PH level is between pH 3.5 to pH 4.5 (moderately acidic).​









Directions to Use

100 ml

Male and female, teenagers and adults

  1. Helps in any infection itching and prevents them from recurring.

  2. Prevents unwanted odor.

  3. Reduces irritation and inflammation.

  4. Maintains the natural protective acid mantle.

Contains pentavitin, natural prebiotics, menthol, biolin and fruit extract.

Take a little amount of the solution on your palm and rub to form lather. Apply it on the intimate area. Gently cleanse the area when you're bathing, rinse it with room temperature water. Never apply the solution to internal part.

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