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La' Miux Skin Therapist

Skin Therapist Hyalu-mide Serum

Intense hydration and moisturizing





20 mL

Dry / All skin types

​Hydrating and moisturizing

  • Contains 2 important actives which are also found in our skin (Ceramide and Hyaluronic acid) that reduces over times due to various factors such as aging, pollution, skin irritation causes by contact with harsh chemicals. 

  • With the scientifically selection of Yuzu Ceramide B (Structurally contains ceramide type 2 and 5 which are very similar to human ceramide existing in stratum corneum); and a combination of 3 sizes of Hyaluronic acids (0.9 million, 1.2 million, 1.5 million Dalton of molecular weight/sizes). 

Direction to use

Apply a drop of the serum twice daily (or as often as needed), then follow up with a moisturizer. Ideal to combine the serum with either the Skin Therapist Natural Advance Crème and hydrating moisturizing lotion.

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