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Resurge Gold

Resurge® Gold is a nutritious beverage formulated with high-quality protein & CaHMB for muscle recovery and retention, as well as micronutrients for the optimisation of immunity. It contains phosphatidylserine + choline to improve cognitive functions as well.


A Complete & Balanced Nutrition Beverage with 3 Key Benefits:

  • 70% Whey Protein + CaHMB for Strong Muscle

  • High protein, vitamin, and minerals for Strong Immunity & to promote Wound Recovery

  • Phosphatidylserine + Choline for Sharp Memory

 Product weight: 850g

Why choose Resurge Gold
  • Halal

  • Made in Singapore

  • Sucrose Free

  • Gluten & Lactose-free

  • Does not contain artificial sweetener

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