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Resurge Gold

Resurge® Gold is a nutritious beverage formulated with high-quality protein & CaHMB for muscle recovery and retention, as well as micronutrients for the optimisation of immunity. It contains phosphatidylserine + choline to improve cognitive functions as well.


A Complete & Balanced Nutrition Beverage with 3 Key Benefits:

  • 70% Whey Protein + CaHMB for Strong Muscle

  • High protein, vitamin, and minerals for Strong Immunity & to promote Wound Recovery

  • Phosphatidylserine + Choline for Sharp Memory

 Product weight: 850g

Why choose Resurge Gold
  • Halal

  • Made in Singapore

  • Sucrose Free

  • Gluten & Lactose-free

  • Does not contain artificial sweetener


My mum say the taste is good, just she not really like the texture. A friend recommended this product. Hope can help ease my mother’s knee pain and body aches.

Recommend by friends and is really nice to drink. It also helps me to maintain balance diet



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